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About Us

Jess and Phil started their journey on separate paths and through mutual friends they've teamed up to bring you their 4 years combined knowledge. Having a passion to help others find clarity has been the driving force behind this new business venture. There is much more to come as this is only the beginning! Click below to join a community of like minded entrepreneurs who are looking to thrive inside their business!

Customer Testimonials

Mike Denis

What truly sets this group apart is its emphasis on clarity and purpose in the online journey. In a realm where it's easy to be overwhelmed by information and options, "Mindset and Media Mastery" serves as a lighthouse, offering direction and support. The group fosters an environment where questions are encouraged, challenges are addressed with empathy, and victories are celebrated collectively.

Amy Bascom

These two are taking different aspects of the business world and merging them together to create a unique experience not found anywhere else. I have been infinitely blessed by having these fabulous and supportive individuals in my life and being a guiding light as I build my own online business. Thank you, Jess and Phil, for all that you guys have done for me on a personal and professional level!

Sammy Cee

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Jess and Phil for all their help and guidance through my online business journey so far. These two have very unique ideas have helped me see my path in a more clear way when I have felt not sure what to do next!!